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Imanpack Starlight 4 Seal

The new special Starlight 4SEAL for four-seal wrapping, the latest generation electronic horizontal wrapping machines by Imanpack. It makes rounded corner bags closed by a zip inserted on one side. 
The wrapping system consists in the overlapping of film with quadruple sealing makes Starlight 4SEAL ideal for wrapping medicated plasters or other pharmaceutical and cosmetic products that demand a perfect seal.

Starlight 4 Seal

• Axis wrapping machine.
• Electrowelded metal structure (stainless steel version available upon request).
• Cantilever assembled sealing unit.
• Pneumatic expanding reel holder (Max film width 600 mm).
• Special calendering unit with longitudinal film cutting group and film rollers from the bottom.
• 2500 mm pallet wheel product feed conveyor belt.
• 2 drive units and film sealing adjustable in width using a handwheel.
• 2 transversal accompanying and sealing units.
• 1 transversal cutting unit.
• Rockwell Allen Bradley® axis control PLC.
• Differentiated and delocalised movement control.
• Capillary assembly of the quality of each individual action.
• High system performance guaranteed by brushless motors.
• Rapid and easy set-up of operating processes, with self-regulation and optimising of the actuators and all parts of the process involved.
• Large production setting archiving capacity.
• Machine built according to CE standard.

- Zip application unit.
- Cutting and finishing device for rounded corner or particular shaped wrapping.
- Double track version with high-speed rotating transversal sealing devices.


Electronic platform Rockwell Allen Bradley®
Film reel width up to 600 mm