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Imanpack Micropac PRO

Rotary flow-wrapper suitable for wrapping solid products in general using heat sealing or polyethylene film. Control and command via PLC. Can be connected to automated production lines.

Product Range 
Width: up to 180 mm 
Length: from 20 mm 
Height: up to 120 mm 
Up to 250 bags/min


  • Mainframe in painted steel
  • Paddle wheel conveyor belt 1500 mm long in AISI 304 steel
  • Food grade plastic rapid extraction product pushers
  • Electronic pitch adjustment
  • Top or bottom reel holder with pneumatic opening for reels up to 500 mm wide
  • Electronic torque limiter
  • Longitudinal sealing unit with pre-heated drive wheel, heat sealing wheel and flap folding wheel
  • Rotary cross sealing unit with 250 mm sealing jaw, with electronic thermoregulator control
  • Independent axes motors for:

- Conveyor belt
- Longitudinal sealing unit
- Cross sealing unit

  • Universal adjustable forming unit
  • Output conveyor belt, 1000 mm long
  • 7” touch-screen control panel
  • Plastic material incident guards with safety micro switch
  • Integrated electrical system detached from any mechanical parts
  • Machine built according to CE Standards


  • Full AISI 304 inox version
  • Automatic loaders
  • Different conveyor belt lengths
  • Motorized reel unwinder with inverter
  • Printers and labellers
  • Motorized output conveyor belt with inverter
  • "No product - no bag” system

Speed up to 250 bags/min
Crimper width 250 mm
Product width up to 180 mm
Product lenght from 20 mm
Product height up to 120 mm
Film reel width 500 mm
Wrapping material heat-sealing film or polyethylene
Installed power 400V, 3Ph, T+N
Compressed air 6 bar

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