HTC 13-21 Axes Spring Former (HTC35XU) | Bimeks Tel AS
HTC 13-21 Axes Spring Former (HTC35XU)

The XU series are camless form spring machines which have recently been in demand. Due to the variety of spring and ease of adjustment, camless spring production machines are preferred.

Machines and wire ranges:
HTC35XU  -> 1.6mm-3.6mm

  • 13-21 servo motors, computer control provides total cam-less operation.
  • The winder swinging is available on 3 slides to control the right / left position, thus the offset position of servo winder and tool holders is easily adjusted. The winder swinging provides further flexibility for making complicated shapes.
  • Quill In/Out movement insures easy setup for various radii and bending.
  • “Rotating Tool Holder” on main slide with body tool and bending tool provides multi-forming capability for most springs.
  • Minimal tooling is required, meaning lower tooling costs.
  • Optional Single radius and Multi-radii servo winders provide total forming flexibility, making all bending processes fast and efficiently.
  • State of the art touchscreen control for easy operation.

Model Wire Dia. Max. O.D. Dimensions
(.063” - .141”)