Company Profile

Bimeks Tel produces low-carbon, high-carbon, coated and alloyed steel wires that are needed both in domestic and international markets.The company was established in 1964 under the name of Arsay Tel Uretimi AS in Istanbul. The plant was moved to the facilities located in Kirklareli in 1996 and has continued its activities as Bimeks-Arsay AS. In 2014, Bimeks-Arsay AS acquired all the shares of Arsay Tel Uretimi AS and became the owner of the facility. As of 2018 as a result of the title change, the company was renamed as Bimeks Tel AS.
The production facility consists of two factories, the low carbon wire production unit and the high carbon wire production unit. Total plant area is 65.000 square meters. Wire production facility is built on a closed area of 18.000 square meters. Energy installation capacity is 8 MW. Current capacity of the plant is 35.000 tons of wire and wire products.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reach a leading position in the steel wire industry with a customer-oriented approach. Bimeks Tel has taken the principle of determining the technical and commercial needs in the best way and to respond to those needs in time. For this principle, a large part of our staff is composed of expert engineers. In this way, all the demands and projects are examined in detail in terms of technical aspects regardless of demand and needs are determined then converted into production.
From this perspective, the company provides technical consultancy to its customers and acts as a project partner. Many projects were carried out with years of preparation and completed successfully. Naturally, this requires the need for both the staff and the customers to follow and learn the technology that is constantly developing. In this sense, the company pioneers the market and provides both its personnel and customers with up-to-date information and equipment. The basic values taken in all studies which constitute the components of the team are as follows.
  • Success Oriented
  • Information Sharing
  • Openness to Change
  • Belief in the Principle of Equality
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Human and Environmental Responsibility
  • Caring for Information
  • Devotion
  • Positiveness
  • Sense of Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Innovativeness


Our Quality Policy

Bimeks Tel is an organization that serves its customers in the production of all kinds of steel wire and wire products with the awareness that quality is a process that should show continuity rather than a goal to be achieved. Bimeks Tel sees meeting the needs and expectations of its customers in accordance with its purpose and on time as the basis of its quality policy. To achieve this goal, it is essential to ensure the participation of all Bimeks Tel personnel. Thus, Bimeks Tel is aware that it is possible to provide the best '' Service '' to its customers, which can always deliver high quality and low cost products at any time and in the desired amount within the triangle of quality, cost and deadline.
Bimeks Tel aims to provide the highest customer satisfaction by continuously improving its own quality system that it has established in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. Bimeks Tel aims to continue this service by improving it today and in the future, thus ensuring its reliability and continuity in providing services.
Our Quality Certificates: ISO 9001: 2015 | ISO 14001: 2015



May 1964

Establishment of Arsay Tel Uretimi AS's Istanbul facility

October 1996

Start of production at the low carbon facility in Kırklareli

October 1998

Start of production at the high carbon facility in Kırklareli

May 2004

40th year

May 2008

Rent of the facility located in Kırklareli by Bimeks-Arsay AS

November 2008

First export to the EU

November 2009

First export to Far East

February 2010

Obtaining TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate

November 2012

Obtaining the first 5-year environmental license

May 2014

50th year

December 2014

Bimeks-Arsay AS's acquisition of the Kirklareli facility

March 2016

Obtaining TS EN ISO 14001:2004 Quality Management System Certificate

December 2016

Start of machine sales activity

July 2017

Obtaining a second 5-year environmental license

January 2018

Change of company title as Bimeks Tel AS

Şubat 2018

Obtaining TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate

February 2018

Obtaining TS EN ISO 14001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate

June 2019

First international fair experience | Wire Russia 2019


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